HOW TO install 
DECOZI window film

DECOZI Window films are easy to apply with few simple tools.  Please find below step by step installation guide make your film installation project easier.  

Chapter 1/ Requirements

Let's prepare tools you need to install film

Essential tool list:

- Paper towel, Spray bottle with soapy water, Micro fiber towel, Masking tape, Marker, Exacto knife, Measuring tape, Scissor, Squeegee & Decozi window film.

Chapter 2/ Cleaning

How to clean your window to install film

Please make sure remove all dirt, grease and debris on glass using squeegee (use hard side).  Do not use ammonia base glass cleaner to clean windows.

Chapter 3/ Preparation

How to prepare window film to install film

Cut DECOZI window film 1inch larger than your actual window size.  Separate release film with 2 pieces of masking tapes. 

Chapter 4/ Installation

Finally, install DECOZI window film on your window

Make sure spray generous amount of soapy water on window and film. It will help you to move film easier on window.  Use applicator edge to trim excess film.

More questions? No problem!

Please find DECOZI Window film brochure for more information.

DECOZI Brochure.pdf

Feel free to contact us below for further questions.